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Art News for October

For the month of October, students in grades kindergarten thru fourth grade have been beginning art class with listening to a story.  It is our month of Art & Literacy!  The students have been loving it!  We have talked about what it means to be an illustrator, photographer and author.  If you have a student in one (or more..) of these grades ask them what dragons like to eat.  They each created their own dragon and many of the students had an opportunity to make their dragon's favorite dish!


In the middle school, we have been creating artwork inspired by Our Lady of Fatima.  If you get a chance to come to school, we have stained glass window-like work created by seventh grade students, hanging by the front entrance and in the lights by the art room.  Fifth and eighth grade students created depictions of the miracle of the dancing sun through copper metal sheets and pastels.  Really beautiful work.  The students energy, effort and creativity really inspires me.  It brings me joy to see them using their gifts from the Lord.

Many....many times..I hear "Mrs. Kueng...I just CANNOT do this!  I am no good at art!"   My goal as an educator is to help each student succeed and to learn.   I would agree that natural talents do exist in art, but through motivation, interest and effort each student will achieve success.  I often ask the students these questions:  On the day we were born, could we walk? Could we feed ourselves a bowl of cereal? Can we do both of these things now?  Why do they easily happen now?  PRACTICE!  and more practice!  repeatedly!  Do you still stumble... Yes!  But,  I believe art skills happen the very same way.  If you draw the same item repeatedly, your 20th drawing will be much more accurate than your first.  Success happens every day...some times we have to look for it .... or..have others point it out to us.