All About the Advent Wreath

  • Usually made up of evergreen branches or boughs placed in a circle, topped with four candles
  • The wreath is blessed and one candle is lit on the first Sunday of Advent; another candle is lit every Sunday until all four candles are brightly burning
  • The EVERGREENS remind us of the everlasting life promised to us by the gift of Jesus Christ, who came among us to save us from sin and death
  • PURPLE CANDLES symbolize our waiting, hoping, longing expectation for the arrival of Christ
  • A PINK CANDLE for the third Sunday reminds us that the time of Christ's arrival is fast approaching and we must prepare
  • The act of LIGHTING THE CANDLES banishes the darkness: a reminder of Jesus Christ, the Light who has come into the world through his birth, and who continues to shine brightly through his Church


O God, as light comes from this candle, may the blessing of Jesus Christ come to us, warming our hearts and brightening our way.  May Christ our Savior bring life into the darkness of this world, and to us, as we wait for his coming.  Amen.