Parish Council

A pastoral council is a group of people, chosen from and by the parish community, which consults with the pastor in order to foster and plan pastoral activity. The trustees of the parish corporation also serve on the pastoral council by virtue of their office.

WHAT DOES THE COUNCIL DO? The parish pastoral council, similar to the diocesan pastoral council, is to investigate all those things which pertain to pastoral works, weighing them and proposing practical conclusions about them” (cc. 511, 536). In a broad sense, this main purpose of the council to serve as stewards of the mission of the church can be described as pastoral planning. This understanding is consistent with its nature as the wisdom group within the community. The pastor and the pastoral council collaboratively focus on the mission of the church. The pastoral council is an elective body which means it is put in place by the bishop, after consulting with the Priests’ Council, to assist the pastor with fostering pastoral activity. All parishes or clusters of parishes must have a pastoral council. Clustered parishes may share a single pastoral council. The council is a consultative body (c. 536.2). As such, it exists as a wisdom group commissioned to discern, proclaim, and make visible the presence and action of the Spirit within the community. Its very nature is to provide counsel. The prudent pastor should welcome the advice of the Council, especially when there is consensus, and act upon it.

Fr. Jim Leeser, Pastor
Shirley Deems
Teresa Dubonowich
Matt Flynn
Marilyn Line
Joe Knilans
Chad Jelinek, Acting Chair
Glenn Steffes
Ricky Morris
Al Brooks, President 
Steve Scaccia
Eric Abbott
Michael Gagner, Trustee
Bill Brennan, Trustee