From the teachers desk

Bud McDonald has worked at St.Williams school for 8 years. He teaches 6th grade homeroom and 5,6,7 and 8th grades science. He and his wife Janice (who is a dental hygienist at Janesville Pediatric) have 5 kids; Matthew (25), Adrienne (24), Natalie (21), Austin (20), and Sydney (17). His favorite hobbies include playing drums while listening to music, camping with family and friends, visiting with his family, and hunting with his boys and in-laws. In addition to teaching, he also delivers newspapers to Madison, and Fitchburg daily before teaching. Some of his goals for his 6th graders include broadening their vocabulary and developing their writing skills(the content of their work). He also is trying to instill in them a sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual service to their class, school, church and community ( lending a hand to someone in need). In his science classes, he strives to give the students a balance of book/video work and experiment work. His 7th graders will be dissecting earthworms, crayfish, frogs, grasshoppers, pellets, and starfish. He wants his students to make a positive difference in someone's life today.