From the teachers desk

Mrs. Christina Abbott has been teaching at St. William since 2015.   She is the 7th grade homeroom teacher and she teaches Social Studies to the 5th-8th graders. Mrs. Abbott taught in Footville and Janesville before she had children. She stayed home with them for 12 years before coming back to teaching. Mrs. Abbott has three children and they all attend or have attended St. William.

Social Studies is a mix of citizenship, U.S. history, and ancient history. The students also learn about government and politics, mostly by studying current events. Mrs. Abbott runs a Geography Bee and Student Council.  There are many dates and vocabulary to memorize, so her classes usually have quiz games on Fridays.

Mrs. Abbott loves to read so she also loves to teach reading to her 7th graders. They are currently using a workshop method for reading class. This means that every student reads the books they choose, and tries to explore different genres. Mrs. Abbott loves to spend time with her family. She especially loves to ride bikes, run and read to her children.  

In 7th grade, the students often turn to Father Mike Schmitz's entertaining podcasts.  You can link to his podcasts through in the link above this article.