8th Grade

Class of 2018!


From the teachers desk

Eighth grade is a special year for the students!  It is a fun year, yet also a year filled with much responsibility.  The 8th graders have many opportunities to lead and to be involved with a variety of activities. They work to mentor other students to help them achieve their academic potential. They work hard to achieve their own academic potential.  They help teachers impart reverence to the younger students while in church as they grow their friendship with Jesus.  They grow their friendship with Jesus as they teach reverence to the younger students.   They lead on the courts and on the field.  They follow each other on the courts and on the field as they grow their teams.  Some of the students will be performing in their last musical, playing their last basketball game, or running their last mile on the cross country course.  Others are just beginning.  In partnership with their families, I work to help the 8th graders develop their gifts from God.

Choosing to teach at St. William School has been one of the most significant decisions of my adult life.  Twenty years later, I still feel grateful every day for my St. William family.  My husband attended St. William when he was a child and our two children, Catie and John, also graduated from St. William.  All of us have forged lifetime friendships that began in the classrooms, playgrounds, and courts at St. William.