Bienvenidos!! Spanish is offered to all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  At the earliest levels, we focus on colors, numbers, days and months, and holidays, with the goal being only to learn to love the language.  Beginning in third grade, we use the AIM methodology - which is language learning that is achieved through scaffolding techniques such as gestures, story-telling, active collaboration, repetition and the introduction of only high-frequency vocabulary (pared-down language).  Used in context, this method allows students to rapidly acquire higher levels of oral and written proficiency.  In addition to the AIM, at the middle school level, we use the online etextbook VOCES, as well as the Senor Wooly website, which teaches Spanish through funny, weird (and a little crazy) music videos.  The Senor Wooly website includes fun, leveled curriculum that targets much of the same skills the AIM does, only using music videos and story-telling.