Information Technology

Information Technology encompasses so many things in this age of instant digital everything.  Every student in grades 5-8 has a Chromebook assigned to them for the year.  In addition, both 3rd and 4th grades have enough Chromebooks for everyone to have his or her own.  Given that they have so much access to these computers, the focus of technology class is changing.  Gone are the days where we teach solely keyboarding and word processing programs.  To keep up with what the work force is demanding, we seek to graduate students who are not only capable of using a computer, but of programming computers and deciding how and why we use them -- in other words, problem-solving.  We have purchased LEGO curriculum (who doesn't like LEGOs?) for grades K-4 that will help us actualize students who can identify problems, collaborate to solve them and clearly communicate their thoughts to explain them.  We believe we will ignite our learners' natural desire to explore and meanwhile create lifelong learners in the process. Of course, we will still be teaching good keyboarding habits and learning how best to navigate the Google Suite programs such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms.