Athletic Eligibility

The purpose of the eligibility program is to instill in our students the importance of doing their best academically. 

  • In order to actively participate in athletics, students must maintain passing grades.  Scholastic eligibility will be determined every two weeks.  If a student has 2 cumulative “D’s” or 1 cumulative “F” in any class(es), they will be ineligible from participating in any athletic contest for a one-week period of time (Monday through Sunday).

  • If declared ineligible, the student will be ineligible for the full week.  No interim evaluations will be made.

  • The school principal will have the final authority regarding matters of ineligibility.

  • Students may be declared ineligible by the Principal for reasons other than academic.

pdf Click here to see the Athletic League Handbook (382 KB)

Cancellations and Delays

Regarding school cancellations- please listen for “St. William Catholic School” on Channel 15 TV, WJVL, or WCLO radio stations. School closing information is also found under the “Closings” tab on the website, The principal will have a final decision for school closing by 6:30 a.m. so it can be announced on the air and posted on the websites.

Regarding school delays- we open our doors at the regular starting time at 8:00 a.m. as a convenience for all parents. (School faculty are to report to school as close to regular starting time as possible due to the weather conditions). School delay start times depend upon whether it is an hour delay, 2-hour delay, etc.

Please note the attendance of students in questionable weather is ultimately the parent’s decision. A phone call to school in the event of an absence (due to weather conditions) along with a note explaining the absence upon return is school policy. If late or tardy, we ask the parent/guardian to accompany the child to the office to sign them in. In the event of an early closing, an announcement will be made on the radio. The information on the student emergency card will be our basis of information for an emergency. Please be specific.

Cold Weather

Recess is part of a student’s total program, and students are expected to go outside unless a doctor, teacher, or principal instructs them otherwise. Please keep students home if/when they are too ill to go outdoors. 

Students will be allowed in the school building in the mornings if it is raining or if the temperature/wind chill is below 0' F. Indoor recess will occur for all students when dangerous weather conditions exist or temperatures with wind chill factor falls below 0' F.   Due to our class sizes, not all the students can safely play in the gym. Therefore, a schedule for gym play has been set up to assure each grade gets their turn to use the gym. Those students not in the gym will be in their classroom, playing board games, drawing, reading, or talking (quietly).

Remember non-marking gym shoes are a requirement when using the gym. This will help  protect our new floor.  Students may not wear their everyday shoes, even if they are tennis shoes, in the gym.

This cold weather policy is to help ensure the safety and well being of your child(ren). We, the Saint William Catholic School Faculty and Staff, appreciate your cooperation.

Behavior Guidelines/Discipline Policy

Jesus is our role model.  As such, all students are expected to behave in a manner pleasing to God.  To help students practice and achieve this self-discipline, the behavior guideline is simple:

“As a student of St. William Catholic School, I am honest, responsible, respectful, prepared and cooperative.”

A consistent discipline statement throughout the entire school enables students to remember it as it is reinforced throughout each day during their years at St. William Catholic School and continue throughout the rest of their lives.

Teachers, in each individual classroom, discuss this guideline and provide age appropriate examples to their students. 

Teachers and staff realize that at times, students may choose not to follow the behavior guideline; resulting in disruptive or harmful behavior to oneself or another student.  In those instances, consequences could include time outs, loss of recess time, and in severe cases, detention, suspension or expulsion.

Dress Code

  • On Mass days (generally Wednesdays), students must wear dress clothes.  For girls, this includes dresses or dress pants/skirt and shirt.  For boys, this includes dress pants and shirts with collars.  No jeans should be worn on Mass days.

  • All shoes worn everyday to school need to have a back on them and have a closed toe.  This means no sandals or flip flops can be worn to school at any time.

  • All pants and shorts need to be worn at the waist.  Belts should be worn as needed.

  • No hats are to worn inside the building.  When outside, all hats will be worn with the bill forward.

  • Shorts and Capri pants may be worn at anytime, weather permitting, except on Mass days.  Dresses, shorts and skirts must be knee length.

The following are examples of clothing which is not permitted: 

  • Torn and un-repaired clothing.

  • Tank tops, bare backs, midriff tops, spaghetti straps.

  • Spandex/Tricot shorts and pajama pants.

  • Undershirts worn as tops.

  • Any clothing with designs or messages of an un-Christian nature.

  • Any clothing referring to smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Decisions regarding inappropriate clothing rest with the principal.  Students may be told not to wear an outfit to school again or to call home for a change of clothing.

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