Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical ministers serve in various capacities to facilitate a peaceful, prayerful & inspirational experience for all who worship here. Whether participation is through “behind the scenes” preparation and planning or through a public role of service within the Mass, parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations.

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist at the Lord’s table for weekend and Holy Day liturgies. This is a great way for our youth and families to be involved and to learn more about the liturgy. At least 10 years old or 4th Grade. Responsible, dependable, respectful, and committed. 1-2 masses every two months (more if there is a holiday or Holy Day)

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Eucharistic Ministers are scheduled at each of the masses to assist the priest in the distribution of holy communion. Training is offered regularly throughout the diocese for parishioners in good standing who wish to serve the church in this capacity.


Readers (Lectors) proclaim the readings and petitions at Mass. Interested parishioners have a deep interest in scripture, are able to read clearly and audibly, and are able to focus the Assembly’s attention on the Word of God. Training is available for those who would like to undertake this ministry.


Greeters welcome people to church in our narthex, paying special attention to anyone knew or visiting. Greeters help people to feel welcome and know how to tell new people about opportunities at our parish.


Ushers arrive early to greet people, assist in seating when needed, receive the Offertory collection, and help distribute bulletins. Parishioners over the age of 16 are encouraged to join. Ushers are assigned to teams which are scheduled to serve at a specific Mass four months each year.

Liturgical Art and Environment

Liturgical Art and Environment Assist in design, setup, and take down of decorations and/or care of flowers or plants in the worship area. Artist, interior decorator, seamstress, flower arranger, carpenter, designer, or graphic artist would fit this ministry perfectly! Time commitment varies with each liturgical season; volunteers are called upon as needed.

Minister of Care Ministers of Care

Minister of Care Ministers of Care visit, pray with, and distribute Eucharist to our elderly, residents of assisted living homes and others who are not able to attend Mass.

Cantor & Instrumentalists

Cantors and instrumentalists lead the musical prayer at weekend liturgies. Anyone who has a music background is invited to join.


Sacristans help with the preparation of the sacred vessels and other appurtenances needed for mass. They also assist in putting these things away after mass. Sacristans also assist the priest in ensuring the liturgical ministries for the mass are covered.


Interested in helping with the mass?  Call 755-5180.